23 August, 2007

Khobbeizeh in JSFF!

Happily, I will take place in Jordan Short Film Festival '07, but this time as a Judge :) beside the Grand Jury, Hiba Judeh, Wael Attli and myself will be the members of the Jordanian Bloggers' Award Jury, to enjoy and evaluate the competition films. On last day, we will announce the best Arabic & best international films. Many thanks to Hazim Bitar, Director of the festival, for giving me the honor.

Kick off is tomorrow, August 24th, and it'll stay until August 30th, at Al Hussein Cultural Center, Ras El-Ein, near the Greater Amman Municipality, here is the schedule. Admission free.

Best of luck to all the participants, and hope to see you all there, so you can be part of the Audience Choice Award!


Aiham said...

Er7mna ya man! you're everywhere :D ya3ni i think they made the best choice ever for the best artist ever ;) good luck. will absolutely attend some of the films

abeer said...

shu, jury chair marrah wa7deh? ;-) hope you'll enjoy it. and good luck

ArabianMonkey said...

so how was opening night?

mohammad said...

thanx people :)))

arabiamonkey : it was good, but still needs improvement. thanx

acidfog said...

Duuuuuuuuuuuude, sweet, I was at the opening night i was with my friends actually, but we only watched the first film, cuz we had to go, and it started like an hour late or smthn, anyway, it was nice, low attendance, and when they announced that you were one of the jury i was like.. "Oh my god, khobbeizeh, i read that blog, SWEEET." o_O hehehe anyway, good luck cool, and don't be so shy!!! take care man! ;)

mohammad said...

thanx dear for your support :)
actually i was a bit shy, cause they came out of a sudden and told me that i have to give a speech! in 20 seconds i was on the stage, so i felt stupid, LOL. hopefully not again in the awards ceremony today :)