26 August, 2007

Scary: Ethan Bortnick

Born in 2000, He's a Pianist, Musician, Composer, Actor and Artist! www.ethansmusicsite.com


Hala said...

I watched it before and I think it is brilliant. He is only 6, he made me feel useless hehehe.

ahmad qatato said...

My jaws dropped!
He is only six!!!!!
This is a true Poridgy kid .... God bless him he is so smart!

Anonymous said...


Zenah said...

I have a gut instinct this kid is retarded. You know how all the long legendary musicians are either blind or deaf or something awkward about them.. But yeah, other than that he's good. lol

Shu-Ying said...

His past life must be a good musician. It is example of reincanrnation, if you know there is a 5 years old blind Korea girl playing piano without learning too.