04 December, 2007

From Meeting Points 5

Here & there from Meeting Points 5 Festival.

from Meeting Points 5 from Meeting Points 5 from Meeting Points 5 from Meeting Points 5


Aiham said...

wonderful. thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

didn't like KJ, not nice. but thank you for the post.

Ahmad Zatari said...

Hi Mohammad, I wonder if you can manage some how to upload or send me everything that you have for this concert?

I'm preparing for an interview with Kamilya and would be great if I listen to her new project.

Thanx anyway


mohammad said...

hey Ahmad Z.

well, I'm afraid that i can't give you any material for this concert specifically, for the deal that i made with Kamilya through the organizers, OrangeRed, but you can contact them on: info@orangered.net

best of luck :)

Anonymous said...

great video buddy , it took me weeks and weeks but i FINALLY got her album and i can't get it out of my cd player , it was a shame seeing too few ppl in her concert :S