16 December, 2007

RandomieS around...

Well, since I didn't post any personal news recently, I would like to share these stuff:

Last September, I joined the supervisors' team, at the college of arts & design/University of Jordan, to supervise the graduation projects of the graphic designers... It's so nice to be there, and I'm glad to see all those talents. So far, I'm proud of my students :)


My obsession since I was very young! I found this baby one while I'm going out from 7abil Ghaseel. I guess it's a nice desktop wallpaper :) I really like my mini digital cam.

End of Spiderman!
Because everything that has a beginning, has an end! a good wallpaper as well :) P.s: Spiderman is Zionist.

Cairo again
Last November, I've been to Cairo, Um ElDunya, for the second time. It was really great; I'm so in love with this city. Will share some photos soon.

Makan house was and still one of my favorite places ever on this earth! I'm so lucky that I joined them recently as a resident. Will stay only for a couple of months! Lots of things to catch up over here. (Ola, thanks a million). P.s: anyone interested in Makan residency program?

TV Interview & TV Interview...
I was in 2 TV interviews, One for a confidential documentary, and the other for Maktoob TV! Stay tuned.


Saqf said...

Welcome back!

It was nice updating Khobbeizeh readers with what has been keeping you busy.

Very encouraging and influential.

Keep up the great work.

P.S. Se7liyyeh is very stylish. (sub7anAllah)

Anonymous said...

this is a great and enjoyable post. i enjoyed it so much :D

Murad said...

what a wonderful news khobbeizeh. you Rock man!!

Anonymous said...

LOOOLLLLL... SPIDERman is my favourite! hilarious

xE*n said...

my best friend saayer shakhsiyyeh muhimmeh ;)

proud of u my Qoxi...
bas ya reit itkhaffifli hal 7arakaat.... BATTALT ASHOOFAK!! :'''(

mohammad said...

blush blush :D
thank you so much everybody :)))

Anonymous said...

wow khobbeizeh, you rock man! jad jad amazing. wish i can meet you in person.