07 April, 2006


Are you an Artist, Painter, Photographer,Director, Actor, Singer, Designer? Do you love music, performances, Broadway, colors, waw sceneries? If yes, then the following are A MUST movies:

Frida: unbelievable colorful art work and brilliant directing by Julie Taymor, Nominated for six 2002 Academy Awards including Salma Hayek for Best Actress. The life of artist "Frida Kahlo" from her complex and enduring relationship with her mentor and husband, Diego Rivera, to her illicit and controversial affair with Leon Trotsky, to her provocative romantic entanglements with women, Frida lived a bold and uncompromising life as a political, artistic, and sexual revolutionary! Make sure you get the amazing soundtrack by Elliot Goldenthal.

Moulin rouge: you'll absolutely fall in love with this musical treasure art work, it has SO much going on at once that your eyes can't even take in all the wonder at once. Christian [Ewan McGregor], a young writer with a gift for poetry moves into the bohemian underworld of Paris. He is taken in by the absinthe-soaked artist Toulouse-Lautrec, whose life centers around the Moulin Rouge. Christian falls into a passionate but doomed love affair with Satine, the Sparkling Diamond [Nicole Kidman], the most beautiful courtesan in Paris & star of the Moulin Rouge.

Chicago: based on the Broadway musical, great motion picture with great music and terrific cast. Roxie Hart (Renee Zellweger) hungers for stardom, but instead ends up in the slammer in 2002's Best Picture winner. Velma Kelly (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is a superstar whose fame flares -- then dims -- when she shoots her cheating husband and lands in jail. When Velma's lawyer, notorious Billy Flynn (Richard Gere), makes Roxie a tabloid sensation, he sets up a singing, dancing catfight between the two ambitious women.

Amelie: get ready to see the small yet meaningful details we hardly take note of!, this movie will add the real color composition and the wonderful visuals to your life! Amelie is a charming character and a young Paris waitress who discovers an old box of childhood treasures hidden beneath her apartment floorboards, anonymously returns it to its rightful owner and watches from a distance as his life is transformed by the discovery. Thus begins her odyssey: a series of inventive plans to straighten out other people's lives. Almost as if by magic, Amelie begins to transform the lives of her ordinary neighbors - mostly for the better if they've earned it and occasionally for the worse if they deserve it - but she always hides behind a veil of mystery and anonymity. This works for her until she meets an intriguing young man named Nino. Now the question is: will she have the courage to do for herself what she has done for others? Soundtrack is a must.

Evita: enchanting mixture of epic fairy tale and sociopolitical psychodrama by the brilliant director Alan Parker. Madonna was born to play this role I guess! A nonstop musical story of the Argentine first lady Eva Per?n, narrated by Antonio Banderas as a fictional everyman (he was an excellent singer in the movie as well), the film charts the alternately revered and reviled Evita's rise from poverty to become a film and radio actress; her relationship with President Juan Per?n and her tragic death from cancer at age 33. the Oscar-winning song "You Must Love Me" and the whole motion picture music sound track are unforgettable.

Cinema Paradiso: A Dreamy journey & beautiful drama, Produced in 1990. A celebration of youth, friendship, and the everlasting magic of the movies. A filmmaker recalls his childhood, when he fell in love with the movies at his village's theater and formed a deep friendship with the theater's projectionist.


Mouna said...

This list of movies is just wonderful, I saw them all except for Cinema Pardiso, but I will absolutely watch it soon, thanks Mohamad, great taste :-]

rAshA said...

GReat list of Movies Mohammad:)I love "Cinema Paradiso" .It's great !!
Frida I haven't seen yet !
I really like your blog,very CrEative..Keep it up:P

David said...

Thanks for the suggestions. In return, you might also like "The Postman" ("Il Postino"), a lovely Italian film from 1995.

Yousef T. Omar said...

Hi man,

You should watch 2 movies, I am sure you would add them to your list of fav.
[Amores Perros] a mexican movie
[Mar Adentro] a spanish movie


mohammad said...

Mar Adentro i heard about, but did not watch, mores Perros sounds very artistic! Will absolutely take your advice and watch hem soon :-) thank you

Anonymous said...

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