10 April, 2006

Silent Witnesses/ updates

"Imagine if those children were yours!"

That was Stefano Massimo's answer for my question: if you got the chance to tell the whole world one short message about this book, what would you say?
Silent witnesses' book launching, conference and exhibition that I told you about was, truly, excellent, and that's very normal since we're dealing with the French Cultural Center.

Stefano is one of the top brilliant fashion photographers in the world, yet he has lots of stories to tell about his traveling around the refugee camps to record and shoot for this book, of course not to forget the aggression of Israelis towards him all the time, during his human journey! I do appreciate him very very much.

Then, as a suffering Palestinian Artist, we have the lead photographer of the book, Rula Halwani [who left the conference early to catch her flight]. She's the director of the photographic department at the Birzeit University, a very decent, creative and warm person, "I am a working artist, a photographer living and working in an intensely political environment. I am more comfortable taking photographs than writing or talking" she said

Silent Witnesses comprises of over 150 Ming photographs, artwork from children and in-depth photo-text stories from children's organizations throughout Palestine.

People in Amman can buy the book from: Amman bookshop [3rd circle], Flower of life bookshop [Abdoun], Librairie de Paris bookshop [ Jabal a webdeh], or you can order it from here.


Anonymous said...

mohammad how can we buy this book in Amman?

mohammad said...

oho thanks, that's an important question. At the end of the post, i just added the places that you can get the book from.

Stefano Massimo said...

Dear Mohammad,
Thank you so much for supporting Rula and I in this project. I think your Blog site is very well designed and your beautiful friend has taken a great
photograph of us! Thank you for linking your Blog to the photos from the book and for using my really heartfelt quote about Palestinian children, and indeed
children living in poverty and under threat of violence anywhere in the world, be it in Central and South America, Asia etc.
If you want to have a look at the more
'superficial' side of my work, you can
either go to Google and type in STEFANO MASSIMO or go to my agent Nick Michaelides (NMP) site:

Best Regards
Stefano Massimo