08 April, 2006

Silent Witnesses

The Lives Of Palestine's Children
"Silent witnesses" is a book by 2 photographers, Stefano Massimo [Italian] & Rula Halawani [Palestinian]. It will be lunched in a conference and open discussion on Monday, April 10th, 2006, 7:30pm at the French cultural center in Jabal al Webdeh, followed by a photo exhibition from the same book.
It seems interesting.
Photographers will be there, and I hope to see you there as well.


Ibrahamav said...

Silent witness or false witness.

You do not need to speak to lie.

I see you fear comments.

Does the truth make you tremble?

mohammad said...

A bubble of lies is talking about lies and truth! That's funny, Tremble? LOL, A very small threw stone from any Palestinian child can make you panic-stricken or fainted :-) Get lost you cheap Zionist :-)

rAshA said...

That guy was funny..what truth was he talking about exactly?
I think he fears the truth and his vision is soo clouded by Ignorance.

Silent WitnessEs is a great book..check it out:) and check out the site :

Keep up the good Work Mohammad:)

Ibrahamav said...

Those who monitor comments fear the truth. They are afraid others will see it before they censor it.

I have no such fears as mohammad well knows.

mohammad said...

I'll tell you what dear, it's not smart to promote your "very creative" blog with some weak / nonsense comments have nothing to do with this post. Can you do something very artistic and original like silent witnesses? It's just a typical Israeli attacking without knowsing if it’s a good book or not! But it's ok because I understand that you are very scared from any international participation against Zionists, but unfortunately it's too late because half of the world now knows the truth and the other half is in denial for some personal interests!