12 September, 2006

كَف بريطاني معتبر

توني بلير أنت تجعلني أخجل من كوني بريطانية
هذا ما كتبته البريطانية/ الأسكتلندية "كيرستي" على قميصها ثم اقتحمت المؤتمر الصحافي الذي ضمّ محمود عباس وتوني بلير! التفاصيل: البيان

Tony Blair, you make me ashamed to be British
A British/ Scottish protester who gave her name as ‘Kirsty’ makes a stand-up protest against Tony Blair, wearing a shirt with the words “Tony Blair, you make me ashamed to be British”, during his press conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Palestine, Ramallah. Details: sabbah, herald


Alekos said...

I see the courage of people like this and tears come to my eyes.

I can't imagine. I live in the U.S. and this country is so far gone that it has become UNPATRIOTIC to question Israel. You are UNAMERICAN if you disagree with Israel's policies. The situation is such that it is unpatriotic NOT TO PUT THE AIMS of a foreign country before that of YOUR OWN. Palestine has no idea of the strength of its adversary. AIPAC will not be satisfied until every Palestinian is expatriated or incarcerated. Where is their humanity? Where is the truth in the media?

I am an American and am furious that my country is also Israeli-occupied territory. MY FELLOW AMERICANS, WE CANNOT LET THEM WIN. SPEAK OUT and tell them where to go.

mohammad said...

we just feel great when we read these words and see that some Americans are there for us, and there for the real justice against the horrible American Semitism.
That gives me a big big hope :-) and by the way, don't worry about Palestinians, AIPAC will be nothing beside their believes/ struggle ;-)
and yes, let's speak out ... all of us!
Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

lol, allah la eyrodoh
fantastic :-)

Alekos said...

No prob. Sorry for the rant, but I just get tired of seeing every one of my politicians genuflecting at AIPAC rallies. Hillary did this while Lebanon was being destroyed, with an empassioned speech about "Israel's right to defend herself." She really went for the gold watch on that one. No one really thought it was insensitive. Go figure.

Hands down though, AIPAC is one of the scariest organizations on the planet.