09 September, 2006

Casper & Gambini's in Amman

After 3 visits, I can say that Casper & Gambini's is a good place to have a good coffee and yummy food. From Beirut to Amman, Casper & Gambini's came and opened it's branch in Abdoun, Mazen alkurdi street (opposite Abdoun mall, after Crumz). Not a waw location comparing to the one in Beirut, but they have a very nice atmosphere, and friendly Lebanese/Jordanian staff, so give it a try.
Oho yea, it's much better than StarSucks! ;-)


Moey said...

first of all you can not compare a restaurant to a cafe, that's not proper.

and it's late from them, they're already in Cairo, Dubai, Kuwait and Jeddah. dayman we get the last

Abdoun is a proper location, but i don't think people in Jordan will love this overpriced place, it'll probably shut down like other good rests like Fudds, Wendys, Hard rock cafe.. etc!

mohammad said...

1. i didn't compare it to starsucks, but the coffee there is much better.

2. i heard that they'll open in more countries as well, so you think they'll be more "late" than us?

3. i meant the area itself, not abodun. i can not be that negative and judge their business, so far it's hard to go there without a reservation.

Moey said...

well, from the last line it looks like comparing, and yes.. they'll be more late, but we're always the last to get. yeah, about the reservation.. just because it's new.. let's hope it stays good but I doubt it..

Nabil Omari said...

hi mohammad, i read your post and went there immediately, i think it's fantastic, thank you for your recommendation and thank you for a wonderful and original blog :)

O.J. said...

C&G is ok...been there a few times, and ordered delivery plenty of times.

Food 7/10; Atmosphere 6/10; Service 4/10.

Only thing making me go back there is the large variety of food, most of which I havn't tried yet.

Regarding your comment about C&G coffee being better than Starbucks (or Starsucks, as you called it), there is NO coffee that beats the bucks baby! C&G isn't even close...

mohammad said...

nabil, thank you very much :-)
O.J, even abu el3abed coffee is better than Starsucks! and i'd rather not to talk about them now, the case is very clear.

Qwaider قويدر said...

Wendy's is a good restaurant!? WTF?! Wendy's has the same quality as McDonalads ... Oops .. I forgot, that's an upscale joint in Amman!

Waleed Khamis said...

well its a good place ya :) and not overpriced like realllly overpriced. many places in Amman are more expensive and still running since quite a while

Ahmad Humeid said...

Qwaider.. when where you in Amman last time? McDonalds is not considered an "upscale joint" here.. THe restaurant scene in Jordan (both imported chains and home grown establishments) have moved a long way.

As for Wendy's, I tired it in the uAE years ago and it is most definately better than McDonald's.


Hussam said...

Casper and Gambini's Amman is (with respect) the worst branch among them all, the food is really bad and "dirty" all the time, you can find hair, glass, dirt on your dish, ok theyll replace it immediately, but this is not acceptable at all..

have you ever tasted chicken sandwiches over there? do u know the taste of chicken when its 2 days old, not fresh, aaaargh, go there and order chicken club sandwich and youll know what am talking about, you know what, dont, it suck..

I ordered a chef's salad from Casper & Gambini's amman, and look at what I found waiting for me...a living green worm!

I wish i could upload you the images, but here, take a look at it here

Omar said...

First of all C&G, in my opinion is one of the best rest in Amman. They have a great variety of food keeping mind good quality. C&G has won many awards for the coffee and food they offers. Me personally, i don't believe this rumor about the "living worm" in the chef salad, as C&G are one of the few restaurants in Jordan that carries out quality control. And even if it is true, I mean com'n people where do u think lettuce grows, in a germ free lab, it grows outside on the dirt. Im sure that if the person that found this so called worm that C&G would have apologized and gave him/her complimentary food. I feel really sorry to the people who try to ruin rest reputation as many of them are just scared of competition.

Eyad said...

Casper & Gambini's Amman - Jordan branch has stolen my credit card - visa after paying for my coffee.

I forgot to take my card back after signing the voucher, after 1 hour, HSBC has called me to say that my Card is being used in a mobile store and the amount is 350JD ~500$.

I went to follow up on the case with the Casper place, they asked me not to call the police and they will solve it by themselves. After a few days of stalling, they said, we won’t help you with a compensation or anything, "it’s not our policy" so you may go to the police, post this on the internet, publish it in the local newspaper, we don’t care..

This same exact story has happened to a friend who’ve I met recently; they stole 1000 JD from his account buying mobiles.

The case is now with the police, hopefully they’ll come up with something

This group is about justice, it's about being able to go to a restaurant and not being afraid of being robbed by its owners and staff. I urge you all to join this group, make a stand for my sake and yours. Boycott Casper and Gambini's Amman

for Omar, see the (quality control) in C&G Amman in this group on facebook

Anonymous said...

hi....first of all, cand g is one of the best coffe house in the midle east. i know the the amman branch had ups and downs with some custmors, and bad experiences too....but wich restaurant havent....so trust again c and g spirit and give it another try.

Aida said...

C&G is a really good restaurant. Their location is very convenient. The food is excellent: they're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.. The drinks they serve are the best compared to the rest of the bars and restaurants in amman. I recommend a dish called chicken under a brick, really outstanding. I've been there recently and it seems they have done another face lift for their decor. Definitely a good experience.