23 September, 2006

The Horrid Zionists, again!

Another 3 excellent documentaries, spread the word. via sabbah

People and the land: the documentary Israel tried to block since 1997, check this PDF, it's a 24 page article about how hard this film was to make, how Israel sought to make it illegal doing all they could to prevent the film. People and the Land airdrops viewers into the universe of an occupied people, unreeling images of a new form of apartheid based on ethnicity. Challenging U.S. foreign policy and the conventions of the documentary form itself, People and the Land examines the concrete realities of Israel's conduct in the West Bank and Gaza, the level of U.S. support for that conducts through foreign aid, and the human cost of that aid in Palestine and the U.S, Watch it here

Tragedy in the Holy Land: This documentary addresses the core issues of land and identity. It probes the evolution of the seemingly incurable conflict in Palestine from a historical perspective that is typically unknown to Western audiences. Using rarely seen archival footage and interviews with various experts and scholars (Edward W. Said, Noam Chomsky and others), Tragedy in the Holy Land offers vital information about the roots of the current conflict and the ongoing struggle for survival and dignity. Watch it here or buy the DVD

Sabra and Shatila: let's not forget The unforgettable, unforgivable, Israeli massacre against Palestinians – September 16th 1982, a very good documentary in Arabic from Aljazeera TV, Watch it here


Amjad said...

allah ya3teek el3afyeh ya Mohammad, your blog is always wonderful and full of great stuff, these documentaries are just perfect, I will forward this post to everyone i know. thank you very much

Anonymous said...

yes indeed, great post

mohammad said...

Amjad, thank you very much for your lovely words, and thanx for spreading the word.
anonymous, thanx :-)

Ammar Q. said...

Sabra and Shatila: This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.