10 March, 2007

FastLink users: Be aware

"Dear All,
Please note that our customers are receiving calls, or missed calls, from international numbers starting with (+905XXXXXXXXXX); the problem is that the international number is calling customers and claiming that they have won Big Prizes and to collect their prize they have to call another number or wait on the line. Accordingly, they are charged for these calls huge amounts of money. So, please be aware if you, your family or relatives received any calls like these try NOT to answer or call them back"

I got this email from Fastlink customer care, and it actually happened to me twice, but it's good that i did not call them back, i just sent them a "who's there" message! so be aware.


Mala2e6 said...


they called me twice..i didn't answer (not because i am so enlightened and careful but because the mobile was in my bag and didn't hear it ring)

thanks mohammas ana ma wesleni emails:S

Moey said...

fastlink = shit

as usual