23 March, 2007

Smoking shortens your penis!


sarsoora said...

OOooh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!if it's true that means eno 99% mn rjal amman neswan!!!!!!!!tayeb wat about the ladiez?maybe smoking will shrink thier boobz...:)thank god i dont smoke.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Ad! thank you very much for sharing

Anonymous said...

i do not think mine will get smaller than it is now.
:-( sad face )-:

Anonymous said...

wow, what a great post! what a great comments!
tell me , did you ask your mother to tell you her opinion about it? I mean about your post!

it is easy to post what make others say " wow" but its hard to post what make others respect you ,,,and the most important is to post what make you feel the self-respect!

manhood is not about the size of it , but it is about being polite!
also, to be real female i think shying is a main element!

mohammad said...

anonymous, it's working out! a lot of guys reconsidered the smoking thing after they saw this ad! it's about health here, nothing more. thanx

ps. Mom is always proud of my posts :)

Link Depth said...

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