15 March, 2007

The skinny Snowman

It’s snowing in Amman!
And dear my Brother in law Mohammad A. S. M., You are responsible for this horrible body! It’s good that I was there to add some touches :p

Snow in Amman '07 Snow in Amman '07 Snow in Amman '07 Snow in Amman '07
khobbeizeh, the skinny Snowman


sarsoora said...

walahe ya cuzin min zaman 2o ana ba2ool eno u r very creative,2o eno ma ektashafo elmawaheb hay!!!!and maybe ur bother in low did a skiny snowman to represent the hunger ele el sha3b 3ayesh feeh!!!!!:)

xE*n said...

I love it!!!
yuck, the wet wig!
ba3dein the snowman is one of a kind, funny :D


Murad Yaqoub said...

heeeeeeeee he he he
this was soooooo funny
oho oho , cant stop laughing =D
very original =D

Clemance -l-e-b-a-n-o-n- said...

great job!


Christine said...

true.................. BI3A22ID!!!!!!!!!

Seem said...

hehehehehehe!!! realllyyy cuuteee!!! you should see my snowman!!i'll send you a picture later!!
pye pye!!