25 March, 2007

Israeli’s barbarism: new footage

4 Israeli Soldiers gave an order to their dog to attack an old Palestinian lady. Oho, they couldn’t stop the dog, what a black acting! :

An Israeli soldier beating a 17 Year old Palestinian Boy:


Natalie said...

i couldn't recognize the soldier from the dog! they both looked animals!

Omar said...

well put natalie..

I don't know what to say man.. I was so angry when I saw this I wanted to jump out of chair and go help these poor souls.

Is this Israel, the first world nation, the democracy, that they we keep hearing about, that we should emulate?

I hope that justice gets served for once..

amjad mahfouz said...

Makes your blood boil
thx for the share man

sarsoora said...

hasbeya allah wa ne3ma alwakeeeeel!!!!!!!!!!ya3ne 3anjad i dont know wat 2 say,i wish we can do something,all wat i can say....ALLAH O AKBAR 3ALEHOM.

adel said...

And As my late Grand Mother Said "Alla yel3an el-yahoud". Excuse her she refers to Zionists by "el-yahoud". All yer7amek ya setti

Anonymous said...

a leopard or a lion can be merciful and humane more than those bastards..
may God burn them down... may Allah hurt their souls and make them suffer and feel the agony just like they're doing to us!
I dispise you Israel.


bernie said...

You've been fooled it's a hoax

mohammad said...

thanx for your comments guys, hasbona allah wa ne3ma alwakeel.

bernie: yes indeed, so stop fooling people and never under estimate their intelligence. it's a very old game. try something else.